Richard rat or mouse ??

Needle Felting is the Tops

Needle felting. A new post for 2018 and a new hobby. I have many hobbies/interests under my belt but this has to be the tops.  Yes, it took a lot of … Continue Reading →

Short Stories – some inspired by photographs

  • By Annette Hefford
  • September 23, 2017
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Many  moons ago, I wrote a few very short (restricted word count) stories for a competition. I would like to share them with you, as they have been sleeping, probably … Continue Reading →

Cut and fold coffee cup

Craft with Coffee and Lilies

Craft, Art, Creativity To find the time to post is not a priority. But occasionally I wish that I could balance my days better. Watching my time tends to put a … Continue Reading →

Mothers day wreath

Mothers’ Day

Happy Mothers’ Day Colourful chrysanthemums and dragonflies. My contribution to the celebration of all mothers. The magnificent, mysterious and magical female of our species who can transform the meeting of … Continue Reading →

Anzac day Book Art

ANZAC Day – Wagin, Western Australia

My creative pursuits keep me busy, most of the time and I feel a little perturbed that I do not include the blog as creativity so tend to neglect it. … Continue Reading →

Finished book

Awesome Videos

  The lost feeling after reading a really great book. The limbo time before personal reality kicks back in. Perhaps its time for an awesome video or two. My Pinterest … Continue Reading →

Book Art, Papercraft, bookfolding

Book Folding Christmas Craft and Art

Christmas is coming ….. a different feeling in Australia, so my interest lies in the sparkle and excitement of seeing  the lights of Christmas decorations in the gardens of my … Continue Reading →

Eros Psyche

Love Attracts Love, Money Attracts Money

Love and Money, a happy connection? We talk of love and we talk of money. And when put together those two words may bring unwanted thoughts and emotions. We are … Continue Reading →

Snow Personification

Favourite quotations that inspire, provoke and entice

10 of My Favourite quotations  I have many favourite quotations. Here are 10 to start and few extra intertwined to add emphasis that inspire, entice a smile, provoke an aha! … Continue Reading →

falls on delivery

Lawn bowls-a short story

My bowls received there first clean of the season which commenced last Sunday. I went along but did not consider writing a story or a blog. Everything was so cold still. … Continue Reading →