Book Folding Christmas Craft and Art

Christmas is coming

….. a different feeling in Australia, so my interest lies in the sparkle and excitement of seeing  the lights of Christmas decorations in the gardens of my neighbourhood. My crafty fingers are enjoying a new interest for me, bookfolding or book art. A re-purpose or recycling of old books and the crafting of accessories to enhance the work. The fun in making the “decorations” certainly adds further delight with my interest in books of many kinds and writing.

Music pages wreath

Christmas window or door wreath made from music pages and origami flowers. Most suitable for Australia. It would have almost filled a wall in our tiny home in England.

My pleasure

……..  at this time (and at most times) of the year  comes from creating and sharing. And with craft-work that is most enjoyable and rewarding. I do like the sparkle and glitter, so I have returned to a favourite design hobby of paper-crafting. In particular the new interest in bookfolding utilising old and not wanted books of all types. These can be recycled into fabulous displays and decorations for any season or reason. Something old can still be useful, better yet loved.  🙂

Purple wreath

This wreath would look delightful in a variety of colours and centre adornments.

A Christmas angel bookfolding

A Christmas angel made by folding the pages of an old book and with accessories made from loose pages and trims.

I have taken to the task of providing some decoration for our local library and what a joy it is to play with all the ideas, paper flowers, gold and glitter trims. The ideas mostly come from the sharing crafters on the internet and what amazing things they make. Many are just stunning and out of the range of my expertise but as practice does improve ones skills,I am giving myself plenty of time to check out the videos on YouTube and read the instructions that are available.

I enjoy immersing myself in a new craft. I find it close to a meditation at times – something like mindfulness. A complete focus on what I am doing and I can always tell because of the flight and unawareness of time passing and the lack of thought about stopping for food. Needless to say that I do not have many family commitments at this time. The decorations do take a great deal of time and with a slight obsessiveness, I can occupy many hours learning and designing and playing with the idea of delight.

Christmas candle bookfolding

Folded book minus the covers to allow the candle form. Decorated with old music book paper roses and pearlised highlights (photo taken before they were added). Topped with a battery operated t-light.


…… the folded pieces and putting the pictures onto my Facebook page gained some much appreciated kind words. And as you can see with the candle, I have found the ‘lens flare’ option in the photography programme. You have to admit that it does add the sparkle, doesn’t it?


….. the decorations are so pretty and appreciated by friends, I have the added advantage of making  some for them which just multiplies  my pleasure. Angels are a favourite it seems and can be created in many ways. Book folding can be used to make Christmas ornaments such as Christmas crackers and Christmas trees. And trees made from old (but still in good nick) magazines are amazing. The colours on the pages just seem to peek through the branches (folds) of the tree and they lend themselves to a vast array of sparkling decoration.


….. are very useful for making colourful altered decorations such as the Christmas tree, although it does take on a new look and could at a pinch be used for other festive occasions. The tree uses simple

Christmas tree bookfolding

Recycled colourful gardening magazine pretending to be a Christmas tree. The colours from the magazine and the gold trim made this tree, one of my favourite pieces for Christmas.

book folds and is suitable for any beginner in the book folding craft. It gives a solid base to add decoration of choice.


Bookfolding animals

….. with similar folds gives a good outline of the hedgehog and is popular with book folders. I struggled with this one but decided to finish it anyway. A roly-poly body is needed for a hedgehog but this is the best that I can do, at the mo’. A little glitter and snowflakes added the seasonal look. There is, on line, a folded old book creation similar to this which has been created as a big mouse with a lovely tail.


Book folded hedgehog with snowflakes and roses.

Bookfolding hedgehog

A challenging hedgehog to decorate.









Continuing with another angel

….. this time with the book cover kept on. I have taken a liking to the lens flare and as long as I keep to an odd number, I have no real care about where I place them. The butterflies allow the gold to be added more freely than if they weren’t there and make the creating of this particular book change very special for the season.

Bookfolding Angel with arms

A little change adding arms and a few folds in the book pages.


And a gold enhanced wreath

….. and of course there are many to copy or one can start from scratch and create a personal one. I was lucky to have music pages to use and I think that they are very effective on this type of wreath. As I wanted to keep within the bookish theme, the choice of music pages can still be acceptable even though they are not from a ‘real’ book. The pages are seen as illustrations rather than simple print and I enjoy using them for this type of craft.

I was lucky to find a good stash of gold paper of just the right size to make the inner circle to surround the pointsettias. Alas, I think the paper is too thin and would make them in a thicker card to withstand the elements better, as this one is going onto an outside door.

Pointsettia centre with gold surround

A circle of gold enhances the pointsettias.


I had no idea

…. that owls were such fun creatures to create. This is the last of my holiday efforts. Inspired by an owl graphic that came up on a Google search for owls. I am encouraged to make another and design it to be easier to put together.

Book Art, Papercraft

He’s a bit of a “Snowy” but as book art, I decided I could make him as I wanted so he is a bit of other owls also.

Happy New Year and

if you take to recycling books, very happy bookfolding


……. Remember imagination is everything ……

















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