A time for everything … … including praise

  • By Annette Hefford
  • September 22, 2016
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Babbage machineWay back in time when websites were mainly HTML and relatively simple to design, putting up a website was more or less easy. And then ……

……. it all got busier and harder and complex, putting a website out of reach for someone with my limited knowledge. It is similar to learning a foreign language but with little opportunity to use it. And so I put aside the idea of building, or attempting to build a website for some ‘better’ time. And that aside has lasted many years.

I enjoyed the bloggers and their sites but still considered that a site would be just too hard for me to put together. And then I tentatively joined Facebook to be able to catch up with my family in England. I say tentatively because I didn’t like it much as I saw it as being too ‘pushy’ and confusing but I placed a few items on-line. When Pinterest was explained to me via Youtube videos, I constructed a few pin boards and took to window shopping the various pins of other Pinterest members and although I could not possibly understand the vastness of the internet, I could start to see that it might have some potential for me and hopefully be a fun time as well as informative. I have found it so far to be most useful and have gained a few skills in the craft area as well as some interesting writing encouragement.

a time for booksOver the last few years, my interests have included watercolour painting and learning how to write fiction. I studied creative writing with an emphasis on the short story and putting on hold something longer for when I felt confident enough and intellectually competent. Naturally, I wanted to write a masterpiece.

For a couple of years, I played with the idea of writing something that would feel worthwhile to me and maybe even to others. I can honestly say that this whole journey is at times enormously entertaining and enjoyable and when the words flow well, I gain much satisfaction from it all. Not as good as the best sex, naturally, but a close second, especially when my muse is on top of his game (my muse is a male) and the ideas and innumerable words flow and merge and bring into being some delightful creative prose. The fun expands with the conscious awareness of the type of writing that I do create. Many a time it surprises, other times it shocks.

Writing can be pure pleasure, even delicious and many times amazing. I can often hear my mind question, ‘did I write this?’ as I reread work that I have put away to blur into the background of my memory. Enough time to allow a later read to surprise and delight and give ease to my editorial process. On rare occasions (of course), disbelief and dismay and even horror follow my writings into the waste bin.

Despite the need to bolster my attempts and heal less than positive reviews, I can say, “I do like to write. I like the way the words flow and the mind gets involved to flavour, colour and stretch the verbiage laden mental canvas, creating the scene. Showing the mood. Telling a time for writingthe tale. Plenty of time to remove, replace and rethink. Play, pace, pretend. Query, question and quote. What fun! And if you like fun in your life, why not write!

And what do I write about? The answer has to be anything that encourages my creative flair and transforms into a subject about which I can be passionate and simply want to explore. The concept of time vanishes. I live in a different world to many and I give myself free rein. I do write mostly about subjects that are known to me or I have experienced. And having a somewhat different social life, living in a country area, I am very grateful for the support of the internet which offers more information than any of us could ever possibly use in our lifetimes. Research is a doddle, learning a breeze, and critical support is available, even if you decide to pay for it. Getting a professional critique on my writing has given to me many useful tips and teachings.

Writing often begs the question, from where does it come? I am happy toa time for good and bad stuff accommodate the bright and cheerful stuff but I wonder how deep my mind can go to allow other worldly influences to glug to the surface and find their dark marks on the crisp white pages.

I began to watch many ‘how to blog’ videos and finally came to the conclusion that it might be fun to establish my own blog. I didn’t give too much thought as to how I would fill the pages but the idea appealed and I do enjoy giving myself fun goals to achieve.

Iinet.net.au has been most supportive with my new endeavour and assisted me in the setting up of the domain name and hosting. My thanks go to Nathan and Ryan for their valued information. I did feel as if I had jumped in at the deep end but I am slowly easing my way to shallower waters. It is as is always said, the more we practice the easier it becomes.

So…… this is it!

Welcome to my first blog …..

….. and I am still smiling despite the delays in my efforts. It did take longer than I thought it would. But I am still working on my ‘magnum opus’ (about which I am still pleased) and I am writing the odd short story for competitions, just for something to keep the engines running in anticipation.  Once again the people that put excellent videos on-line to tutor us students command much gratitude. I would not have gotten this far without them. So thanks to all those who enjoy sharing their knowledge. That part of the internet has not changed over the many years since I started using it. How good is that? Kudos to all of you.

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