Alistair – Wizard

img_0741A goodish sort of wizard but he plays tricks. His mAlistair Wizard Stars and Moonsagic is funny rather than effective.

His hat is nearly always in competition with Elizabeth Witch’s hat. Every time he has a new hat made, he tries to make it higher than Elizabeth’s hat.


Alistair does have a super, sweeping coat that flutters all of the cobwebs in the castle corridors when he is summoned to see the King and Queen. The spiders have been complaining for ages and ages but no one seems to want to tell the Wizard to be more thoughtful.Alistair Wizard whiskers

His long hair and beard are simply another story. He keeps telling me that he is a relative of Gandalf, so has a need to keep his hair long. It being a family tradition.

I am not too sure as to where Alistair lives. Some say he stays with a grumpy old friend in the hills, others are adamant that he stays most of the time with the Court Jester. Perhaps that is why his magic has so much laughter attached to it.










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