ANZAC Day – Wagin, Western Australia

Anzac day Book Art


My creative pursuits keep me busy, most of the time and I feel a little perturbed that I do not include the blog as creativity so tend to neglect it. I was very pleased when I put it together but I can always find myself occupied with other projects when I think about updating these pages.

I have many interests that I spend time developing, researching and improving. Over the last few months I have entered a flash fiction, prose poetry and creative non-fiction competition which as all who write will know takes many hours of editing and reworking. I do believe that an element of luck can be of assistance in being favourably judged in many competitions. And, of course, as my own personal judge, I naturally think that I am a winner, win or lose. So my fingers are well and truly crossed.

Intermingled with the writing, I enjoy various crafty endeavours, especially book art which I have only added to my list and followed this year. For me it has great potential and unique qualities which connect to each book repurposed and I suppose one could say reborn. There is so much pleasure in reconstructing or remodelling or recycling old books. With lots of inspiration from my Pinterest site which is chocker block full of all manner of paper craft ideas, I am never without a project or three on the go.

Today is ANZAC Day.

My latest work, rather hastily done, made use of a large book on WWII and was taken up from a challenge relating to the difficulties of designing and mastering the construction of ‘soft’ items from such a sharp medium as paper.


Sixty Two Thousand, One Hundred and Forty Nine

I was amazed at the emotional effect that one can impart on the pieces that compose the finished display. I found many pages within this book that related the stories of Australia’s men who fought for our freedom. From these pages the ANZAC piece was completed. The poem seems always to be shortened to the one familiar paragraph. I think it would be good to read all of it. We have the time.

The full ANZAC day poem

I have read books on the war, years ago. They were mainly about the heroic deeds of many wonderful people and I also read about the concentration camps. The feeling of horror remains strongly with me today of the image of a woman with chest wrapped in rags from where her breasts had been carved off to make lampshades. And I continue to wonder what that had to do with war and what it is we need to learn to eradicate atrocity from our hearts.

From this old book, I learned a great deal about the sacrifices made, the camaraderie, the courage and the deep sorrows experienced at home and on foreign shores. The ANZACs did the human race proud. Thank you.

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