Craft with Coffee and Lilies

Cut and fold coffee cup

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To find the time to post is not a priority. But occasionally I wish that I could balance my days better. Watching my time tends to put a dampener on my creativity so I keep craft and time apart and allow myself the indulgence of simply crafting without much limitation. Learning and crafting keep me busy. Blogging probably comes later.

As this little blog is just for me and anyone who happens to come by and wishes to read it, whether it is daily, weekly or haphazardly, doesn’t matter too much. There is no plan for it to be a commercial venture nor a burden. To learn a little about blogging has been interesting. I am just very happy when ready to put up a few words and images and enjoy the sharing process.

Pleasurable Research

Researching different crafts and new ideas, comes easy to me. It is the challenge and the wanting to create lovely things that appeals. A simple browse is almost impossible.

My Pinterest boards are filling and in places are too big, I believe. They become too hard to organise. So many items are shared between different categories. However, Pinterest is a great site. Fully recommended to anyone who loves a myriad of ideas to challenge their little grey cells.

The adverts are nicely limited and mostly customised by your own web searches. The contributors to Pinterest keep up the concept of sharing. All manner of things. Sharing, I believe is still a strong component of the internet’s success.

I am always amazed at the creativity generated and owned by so many. It is truly a beautiful way to use one’s time, learn and share the results.

One must simply be aware that we are in Big Brother Land.

Coffee Beans and String

My efforts of late consist of finding a Coffee image (on an .RU site) and I am pleased to say, even with the odd mistake it was fun to do.  Very good exercise for my little grey cells.

craft coffee beans string

Coffee bean theme – an idea from Russia.

Thank you to the creator for the idea. I look forward to playing with this theme, at some stage.  Wagin’s coffee bar at Visual Effects, with its outside ambience and delightful gallery is a perfect place for my crafty endeavours, so my thanks to Fiona and Shane are everlasting. The coffee, especially my choice, mocha, is second to none and the welcome, the conversation, friendliness and jokes always seem to assist one in forgetting the time. Which, of course, we all know, does not exist when we are enjoying ourselves. That seems to take me back to the beginning because craft is a pleasure and I find myself totally wrapped up in it most days if I am not playing at being an author.


An Armful of Lilies and Burlap Bow

I have finished another project for the coffee shop. This time for the door. The last effort has wilted somewhat from the damper weather. I am pleased with the finished work as this wreath was often fiddly and difficult to keep everything together. Another good use for an old atlas. After making a few lilies they naturally became easier. Finding the balance with the bow was tricky. I did try a smaller bow and one made from brown craft paper but eventually was pleased with the larger burlap bow.

craft lilies atlas burlap

craft lilies burlap









Once again, I am thankful to the internet and its imaginative contributors. The following link will open in a new tab with a tutorial video from Rokolee DIY  .  Thanks Rokolee, I found your tutorial very useful, as I have often wondered how to shape these flowers (bracts?).

The lily is a fascinating flower, used for marriage and funeral decoration. I wonder should that tell us anything? It does naturally depend on the type of lily. Sadly the arum/calla lilies have a bad reputation as plants and are even considered a pest in Western Australia. 


So that puts paid to a slim thought I had of planting a few in my front garden  🙁


And that’s it for this time. 





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