Mothers’ Day

Happy Mothers’ Day

Mothers day wreath

Mother’s Day Tribute

Colourful chrysanthemums and dragonflies. My contribution to the celebration of all mothers. The magnificent, mysterious and magical female of our species who can transform the meeting of seed and egg into breathtaking little miracles. Whose love, protection and nurturing offers the choice of a wondrous life.  

I know, I know, not all mothers are equally wonderful, nor equally wise etc. But what they give is all that they can give at that time, which commences from their own perhaps not so fortunate beginnings. We simply or with difficulty then learn how to handle it all.

So this is the deal. My understanding. We are not ‘alone’ in this world. There is a power for Good, and …. we do have the sole responsibility for how we live our lives. Responsibility boiled down to our ability to respond to life’s issues and disruptions.

Being told that “you make your bed, you lie on it”, is not acceptable. Without explanation, this can mean very little. We do have many articles, blogs and books on-line for people to access but that assumes we have a world full of readers, even interested readers and, of course, we do not.

Motherhood by example is the only way that we can learn easily as children. A personal tutor. And the feeling is so good. In adulthood, when we see something special that we would like, it pushes us to go for it. So when I see and experience a special mother, I listen and learn and work at emulating. Even at my age. My childhood education continues ….   


A huddle or cuddle of colourful Chrysanthemums.

This is, once again, a rather hurried recycling of a Christmas wreath. (Music books are not always easy to come by). So for crafters out there, I simply took out the centre piece and gold tinsel and replaced it with the many coloured chrysanthemum blooms, made from coloured paper exercise pads. The paper is soft and fine and very suitable for this type of flower. The writing lines on the paper were inside, so not obvious. And there are many pages left for other crafty projects.

MD flowers

Mothers Day Wreath for a front door. This wreath is rather large.

This one is at Wagin’s  Visual Effects Framing and Gallery – Art Gallery and coffee shop (opposite the Library). Pop in, be tempted with a wonderful coffee or special tea, browse the beautiful merchandise. Stay a while and enjoy the ambience.

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