Needle Felting continues …..

I am on a rather large and challenging curve but making some headway. Because this artform requires understanding structures and visualising outcomes, I find myself lacking and back in the school room. It is fun and I am pleased when I put a piece of mine onto Pinterest and it gets pinned by another Person.

Magnet stuck to back

For the refrigerator or ???

Not everything is aimed at making exact images of pets et cetera. There are some amazing fun sculptures and here is one that I found harder than expected but I am still pleased with the result. Done in strange colours would be great.

The Merino wool is fine and very soft, but these would not be classed as toys.

I now have  a bunch of sleeping mice for whom (they are almost real) I will felt a new home soon. Perhaps a Marie Antoinette shoe. Who knows……

The nosy mouse was supposed to be small so as you can see, I have a great deal to learn.

Three sleeping mice

A few sleepy mice and a nosy one.

Holding teddy bear

Richard with his new teddy bear.



(to be continued.)

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