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Lawn bowls-a short story

My bowls received there first clean of the season which commenced last Sunday. I went along but did not consider writing a story or a blog. Everything was so cold still. … Continue Reading →

Show tell remember

Proverbs For A Perfect Prompt

Use proverbs to prompt your muse into action. Use panipsum.com as a starter for a list of proverbs from which to create your first few paragraphs or more. “Every garden may … Continue Reading →

Babbage machine

A time for everything … … including praise

  • By Annette Hefford
  • September 22, 2016
  • Comments Off on A time for everything … … including praise

Way back in time when websites were mainly HTML and relatively simple to design, putting up a website was more or less easy. And then …… ……. it all got … Continue Reading →