Love Attracts Love, Money Attracts Money

Love and Money, a happy connection?

We talk of love and we talk of money. And when put together those two words may bring unwanted thoughts and emotions. We are commanded not to love money and the price of love can be more than Eros Psychewe want to pay or ever thought we would have to expend.

For the cost does not have to be in ordinary monetary terms despite the way we talk about it. The price can often be separation, giving up of ones individuality, taking on an onerous life and devastation connected with death. It can, indeed, cost in pecuniary terms, psychological disturbance and materialistic offerings.


Love cannot be bought in reality nor romantically but we often consider it is. The oldest profession, as is said, tries hard to swap love for money. Much maligned and devalued by the high and mighty. Where is the difference when she or he pays a price, albeit of another valued commodity to be with another for love or its companion. The outcome is usually a short lived part of one’s life. No lasting flavour of promise.

Love morphs, is it such a fickle fancy? And money as they say changes all the time and can only be spent once. So if you have no money does that mean that the love you want to purchase is out of your reach. That the love you get is worthless to many, the lowest form.

We work for money and sometimes that can alleviate the desires. Money can be spent on minor loves such as food and clothing, cars and houses. And possibly think that they are major players in our search. We can work for love, that is make it a gift as long as our glass is full and is replenished. Love does need to be nurtured.

It is, of course, not the love of money that is important, but what money can do. Money can give choices. Not often considered in this way, but it contains a freedom aspect. We can make a choice to spend or not. Pay bills or not, but at least have the money to pay them. So some kind of peace of mind can be acquired with some amount of money or some kind of acquisitions.Mr Micawber David Copperfield

With the world as it is today, we have arrived at the equity aspect of relationship and each gender should and notice the should, I consider this a value, each gender should possess a house that cannot be sold to save a relationship at any time. For the man, it means he does not have to give up his house should the togetherness become obsolete and for the woman, she has a place to go and if there are offspring, then even more reason to have a home to safe-keep the children. This will be, of course, a new life rule that at birth this bricks and mortar goal be put into action and be working. No marriage would take place without such an achievement.

So now we have to teach, as a fundamental part of a healthy life and accompaniment for love, how to budget. Money we do need to understand. I am assuming it is a given that one knows how to be responsible for one’s own life. Budgetting can be like any learning process and being over budget can be expected on occasion but spending only that which one has keeps the emotions peaceful.

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds nought and six, result misery.” Charles Dickens, Mr Micawber, David Copperfield.

Mr Micawber would have us think that the keeping to one’s budget results in happiness. And happiness certainly has a connection with love.


Birth of Venus – Goddess of Love

Love and money have the same symbol. The symbol of Venus ♀. The so called planet of love, the goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory. The mother of Eros. So one can say that we have a powerful supporter to our love and money aspirations, with a little extra thrown into the pot. The planet rules Libra the sign of the balance, relationship and not so strangely she rules Taurus the sign of possession, sensuality. To touch is to give life.

We have an old saying “money to money”. Often repeated in our family when I was a child – probably out of resentment, when someone known who was already financially secure won money or inherited money, no matter the amount. The Law of Attraction manifesting in front of our faces and we didn’t understand any of it, so we didn’t put it into practice for ourselves. The vibration of having money attracting money because it matches. Make a perfect fit and we can laugh all the way to that place, you know, the one that used to hoard money but these days collects plastic and metallic stuff that we have progressed to call money and that we only see represented as figures in a bank statement.

Learn how to do the same with love and wow! Fortunately no banks for love, nothing plastic nor metallic, just open hearts.

Money we keep and love we give away. Symbolically the same. Shouldn’t be so hard to manifest, should it? 

This amazing information abounds. So with our budget, we implement the Laws of Attraction. Learn to love and receive. So it would seem that love gives and expands.

This could be an amazing world.

touch and love

to touch is to give life