Daisy Livingstone

Daisy Livingstone is called Livvy. “There are lots of Daisys in the world,” she says, “but I don’t think there are two img_0914many Livvys.”

Livvy is a fairy who I originally called Daisy, because of the many petals in her dress and jacket. However, having used the lovely pastel shades of lilac, yellow, blue, white and pink, she looked not simply like a daisy but more like a beautiful Livingstone daisy, so I changed her name to Livvy.

Change the colours and you may be inspired to give her another daisy name.

Knit a whole family of flowers!

Livvy’s Wardrobe consists of a dress, jacket, pants and shoes. Her dress is made of 5 lovely pastel shades fashioned into petal shapes. The petals cascade at the back and are matched by the similar petal panels of her jacket.

Most of Livvy’s garments are knitted sideways (partial knitting) which allows the knitter to make such appealing shapes. Livvy’s jacket is finished off with arm and neck edges rolling with the natural role of the stocking stitch used. A single button and button loop is applied to the front waist line. img_0913When Livvy gives a twirl which she often does, her petal skirts swing out and show her pretty petal pants.

All fairies have wings and Livvy is no exception. Her wings are attached to her jacket at the back and to her arm bracelets. They are just magnificent wings and help her attend to all the flowers in the gardens around Dingley Square. At this time Livvy has shoes that have special tiny wings as cuffs and these are like training wings. If Livvy gets a bit wobbly when she is flying, she clicks her heels together and her little wings help her.


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