My Journey

A long and winding road (mainly uphill) but the view at the top is worth every step …. ūüôā¬†

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Hi! My name is Annette Hefford. I live in a small town in the heart of the Great Southern in Western Australia. The perfect place for writing a great  novel. And totally suited to enjoying the creation of short stories or flash fiction. For any writer, the country offers the best of both worlds. Immediate internet availability which overflows with helpful information and freedom from the noise of busy roads, but also centrally positioned to visit the west and south coasts.

How easy it is, with the internet to keep in contact with friends and family, to put a blog together, or collecting useful information onto a Pinterest pin board and sharing world wide media news with others on Facebook. I can challenge the internet with questions on any subject. Doing research is a doddle. Listening to music, checking out movies and other fascinating sites can keep me occupied for many hours.   

It is good to know that IT experts¬†continue to share instruction and offer free advice to newbie internet users. A number of Open Source programmes are available and I¬†am happy to use a few of them.¬†If I had more hours in the day, I’d re-install my enthusiasm for animation and using the Blender programme.

Focus On Writing

However, my focus at this time is on writing and sharing. Without the kindhearted teachers and authors freely sharing their knowledge, some of us writers would lack encouragement and inspiration to keep up our interest or passion in our chosen genres. The internet is a fabulous place/world where opportunities abound and rewards for effort awaits.

For the story creator, the internet offers opportunities to expand and practice their skills. For new and experienced writers, there are valuable competitions to enter. This blog is about my writing journey. How I have learned from other authors and teachers and life itself. I hope to share good thoughts, ideas and stories as my writing experiences expand. Join me.


“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.

It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

‚Äē Albert Einstein, The World As I See It


Addendum …………

A little more about Me

About two years ago, I started to enter the various writing competitions that are available. One day, who knows …… ūüôā They offer a wonderful opportunity to test ones writing efforts and learn from reading the stories of the winners. They also keep my adrenaline pumping with the anticipation as the closing dates approach.

Now with this blog, I can pay back and share some of my learning. If not, I will have enjoyed the challenge, utilised some html and played around a bit with images.

My studies over the years have included, Transactional Analysis, Carl Jung- analytical therapy, the I Ching, Life Skills, Counselling, Dream Therapy, computer graphics with animation, web page authoring, fiction and non-fiction creating, painting, sculpture, astrology, office administration and many creative areas of interest. My life’s goal has been to understand me and what I could do to change my life into the person that I wished to be. I am fortunate to now be living at a time that information about Quantum Physics, the neuroplasticity of the brain and the pleasures of Sex, is freely available.

There are now plenty of books out there. It is fabulous to have so much choice. Brain changing now is possible with work and suddenly we can really take responsibility for our lives and reach our goals and attempt, and even succeed, in some self-healing. We can try to understand what exactly is going on with relationships and the modern status/positions of the male and female. Perhaps we¬†could learn a little about¬†Lilith¬†, Adam’s first wife¬†and the symbolism associated with her¬†write up. It is my opinion that equity is needed not equality and who gives a dam who wants to be on top. I am sure it can be a shared pleasure.

I am a Jill of many trades and combined if not master, I am Mistress of them. I have enjoyed the freedoms allowed to me with which I have had the pleasure of learning all that has caught my interest over the years. Some subjects did not stay too long, my enthusiasms diminished but for those that fed my soul I am very grateful.


I practised painting with oils one winter, after the guest house had closed for the season and I was surprised at the outcome. I do have one painting left and although I have often thought about taking up the easel and oils again, I have not been inwardly pushed to do it. I still have time, of course. 

Water colour painting has now taken over any painting urges that I might conjure up. I suddenly realised a few years ago that once again practice assists with the fundamentals including how to keep white paper clear in the right places. An understanding that I considered too hard to approach for many years.

My urge to knit more or less stopped after the publication by Search Press of my one and only knitting book – “Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards and Fairies.” I have been most fortunate and grateful for the kindly given, positive reviews of the book. I suppose I can claim to being a published author and an international one to boot as the book has been translated into Russian. I have to laugh here as this achievement doesn’t really change much. I am still me and in need of more knowledge. As such, I continue to learn. With access to the internet anything is possible.

After the knitting I indulged myself with the detailed pleasure and final enchantment of paper-crafts. I just loved it. The construction aspect with the design fulfilled many of my creative needs.

And I have a love for books. All kinds of books, but mostly now of the “how to” reference or life changing kind. I am delighted and thrilled to be alive at this time where science can now teach us how to make changes in our lives where once we were taught to believe we were hard wired and had no chance of redemption. And now with the internet and Kindle, I can study until I fall off my chair – well actually no, I did that whilst at Uni. I was younger then, now I just seem to find myself waking up from a rather impromptu doze. Just magic, and I will enjoy¬†all that the internet has to offer and revel in my fortunate circumstances.

My background is so far away and is decidedly past. You can read all about my younger days, if you so wish when the ‘magnum opus’ is published – a fictional memoir to which I am enjoying putting the finishing touches.¬†

English born, I have spent half of my life in England and half in Western Australia. Both beautiful places to live. And now, to¬†complement¬†my writing efforts, I am planning what to put into my blog pages, often delayed by creative efforts in other areas …….. just too nice.¬†

PS. I have just recently (Dec 2017) upgraded my copy of “Game Maker Studio”. Just another activity that eats up time. Lots of fun though.¬†

I am continuing to learn about wire work within the jewellery arena and …….. life goes on.¬†

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